Wondering how to get into the client club? It's easy and painless. Pick a method below and please include all required info in one email for fast response. You may send all the info to: Always include your name and phone number!! 

-P411 information: Please send an appointment request directly from your P411 account. 

-2 references please from reputable providers, they must have a web presence and reviews (include the provider's contact info). Please contact your provider references prior, to ensure they are able and willing to provide a reference for you. This quickens the process.

-1 Reference + Work information: Name, website, work email. In these instances, I require that you email my separate, discreet email address from your work email. This email is not at all related to "Alexa" and you will not receive a response. It just verifies you work where you claim. Email address available by request. You must have at least one reference with this method. 

-Linkedin is not valid form of screening, nor is providing a handle from one of the boards. Also, I do not take agency references because I always need to speak directly with the provider you have seen. 

Remember to include all info in one email, and include your name and phone number!!

If you are not willing to be screened, sadly, you will not make my acquaintance. Thank you for understanding!


Alexa Pulse

Expert Sensualist